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Mica laminate sheets are playing major role in modular furniture making and interior design. Wide range of mica sheets are available in solid color or veneer type in the market. All these mica sheets are coming in Matt, Glossy or texture finish.


Laminate sheets have shown up as an attractive substitute to wood in the past few years being artificial material made from paper and plastic resins. Of course, wood brings an earthy quality to the home interior but has many cons. especially during rainfall; woods tend to retain air moisture to start warping. As a result, you come across those annoying creaking sounds or observe creepy cave-ins and dents on your wooden doors or furniture. Moreover, wood is a house to termite infestation when used over the years without proper maintenance. Wood furniture requires special care and constant polishing so they can survive to change weather conditions.

Mica sheets play an important role to furnish your home. You can’t imagine interior design without Mica. In Indian Mica is available in following category properties wiseIn India market, laminates are having following properties.

We deal with all top leading brands of india . We provide all range of Mica in attractive price in our shop.

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