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NFB Interio has a high range of exclusive interior material like Plywood,Mica, Hardware & Lites. We have a huge collection of latest interior material which is finest for every customer requirement.


When you are looking to plywood, NFB Interio Plywood is the undoubted award-winning leader of this industry as well as innovative products designed for the holy city of Varanasi. NFB Interio plywood is affordable and durable which offer unmatched strength and lots of styles to complement modern, urban living.

Architect Ply

It is made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with BWP grade synthetic resin. This, clubbed with the revolutionary GLP technology, makes it 100% borer and termite proof. It also undergoes pre-pressing that ensures homogeneous spread of moisture and adhesive, thus making it warp free


Club Ply

Made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives before pressing, ensuring equal distribution of moisture and adhesive. The unique GLP (Glue Line Protection) formula is then applied, making the plywood borer and termite proof. This ply comes with a 20 year warranty.

Club Ply

Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is of a superior quality compared to Commercial ply and it is also costs a lot more. It is not usually used for indoor applications such as for making furniture. It is rather used for applications such as for boat building and other industrial uses where the plywood is bound to get a prolonged exposure to water.

Marine Plywood

Softwood Plywood

This is the very common plywood from uses point of view, made from softwood veneer, usually fir. Softwood plywood normally comes in 4 x 8 sheets. A large number of grades are available, depending upon the intended application. Therefore are used for structural applications.

Softwood plywood

Hardwood Plywood

Mostly used for cabinet and furniture making . Where a smooth and nice-looking surface is required for furnishing. Hardwood plywood is made same as Softwood plywood , only difference is outer layers (face and reverse) are made of hardwood. It is typically AB grade plywood

Hardwood plywood

How plywood made

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